Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Growing up on vacation

After a week of traveling through CA for my sisters wedding I thought I would be so ready to come home. IT was nice to return home, but I could have traveled longer, spent more time with family and friends. At the start of the trip, I thought we were crazy for up rooting Reese from her familiar routine for 8 days. But she impressed me with her ablility to adapt and enjoy new things. She slept really well 5 of the 8 nights and took some naps throughout the days which made the trip more enjoyable for Matt and I. Reese enjoyed being cared for by her Aunts, Grandparents and friends. It was good for me to see her do so well with other people....she only fussed when she would see me again. Air travel is not the big scarey monster that I thought it would be. Reese had her own seat and did fairly well. Better than her dad anyway! :) So my daughter is growing up before my eyes, starting to become indepedent and starting to not need me as much as I think she does. I can't believe that our little premie is almost one and doing so well. It is nice to see that she can handle so much more now!