Sunday, November 21, 2010

The birth of Maleah Alyssa

I enjoy hearing/reading others birth stories so I am sharing mine. We went to the dr. on the 9th to see that we were 3cm and 50%. IT worked well for the dr. and for us to do an elective induction that next morning. I was DONE at that point. Hind sight, I could have waited to go into labor but it was so nice to know, tomorrow morning we are going to have a baby so that we could prepare Reese and plan with Gramie and Gramps for her care. Reese was so excited she woke up at 5:30 that next morning. Good thing Gramps is a morning guy!

At the hospital it was empty. They gave me the biggest room! I loved my nurse! She started my induction about 7am. I wanted the epidural along with the pitocin but I had to make some progress before that was possible. I warned my nurse that I am a little over dramatic when I deal with pain. She told Matt that was so helpful to know. Good to be honest about yourself!

I reached 4cm and the epidural was ordered. By then my contractions were on top of each other. Sitting still was a chore and with out my wonderful nurse Judy and friend Heidi I don't think I would have made it through that process. I say process because it took 2 hours to get the epidural in. During that time I progressed from 4cm to 8cm all while trying to hold perfectly still, being dramatic about my pain. :)

Once the epidural was in I was so relaxed. It took another two hours to become complete and then I got to start pushing. The epidural had worn off just enough for me to know when the contractions were coming and feel when to push. I soo enjoyed this part!! I am not kidding! IT was wonderful working together with my body, feeling just enough but not too much. My dr. who happens to be a friend of ours was gently coaxing Maleah out until....

I had to throw up! I could do nothing to stop it! This made me push a lot with out knowing it. So instead of easing my baby girl out, she shot out! I got to see her just as the dr. caught her.

And then the most wonderful part. I got to hold my baby girl!! For as long as I wanted. Maleah seemed so big to me! She was 7lbs 4oz and 19 1/2 inches long. I just fell in love with her instantly.

This time around I loved giving birth! I long to do that part again! I "enjoyed" getting to labor so much, made me feel like I had accomplished something. I loved working hard to push her out and was over joyed to hold her right away, keep her with me.

We had a friend and talented photographer take pictures that day. I was a little nervous about this, not knowing how the birth would go, but I am so glad we had her there! She was able to capture the whole process. Through the pictures you can feel the emotions of the birth. I am so grateful for her talent!

When Reese was born I was so scared, so many unknowns. I got to hold Reese wrapped in many blankets for about 30 seconds and then she was taken from me. Matt went with her and really was the one to care for her that first week of her life. He felt so bonded to her. IT took me a while to bond with Reese as I saw her as this thing to keep alive.

With Maleah, I am totally in love. Matt does not feel bonded with her yet. We have switched roles this time around. I am grateful for both of us to see birth and bonding for each side.

So that is our story. Maleah is a peaceful girl so far and I think a good sleeper. Reese loves her very much and is learning how to share mommy and daddy, a process that will continue for a while.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


And still going strong! I have not made any progress towards labor this week and I was not prepared for how sad that would make me. I mean I fully expect, now, for Maleah to be born on 11-11, but that being said I was soooo disappointed that I had not gotten any closer to going into labor. Like somehow last week was a waste. But I know, Maleah was growing and getting stronger....but making progress towards labor is some how proof that things are going well. 11 happens to be my favorite number and I have felt from the start of this pregnancy that having 11-11 as a due date was God's way of telling me, reminding me, that He is in control, has a plan, a plan with my BEST interest in mind. And yet I let my fear cloud over that promise. After many tears at the dr this morning and then a great date night with Matt, I am able to see the bigger picture now and stop trying to control what is not mine to control. By the way, Maleah does not need to be born on 11-11 for me to feel that God fulled His promise to me. Just having that be the due date is comfort enough. Anyways, I am rambling. This week I am looking forward to my sisters coming up to visit and spending time with my niece Kylee. And yes, some day soon, meeting Maleah!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What a treat!

We had a wonderful Halloween afternoon. We woke Reese up from her nap, took her downtown to treat at the shops. After not getting any m&ms (the one candy she was hoping for) we left and went to uptown center and the first place we stopped gave her M&Ms. Misson accomplished. Then mommy was craving sweet potato fries so we ate dinner at Blazing Onion. Once back in our neighborhood Reese went treating with our neighbor girls and that was the highlight for her....can you tell from the picture?! So our day was filled with treats! I loved how excited Reese got every time she was given a Reese's candy... "Look! It says R-e-e-s-e! That spells me!"