Friday, November 4, 2011


We had an enjoyable Halloween this year.
We dressed around Reese's Cinderella costume this year.
Maleah was the mouse, Daddy the prince
and I was suppose to be the fairy godmother.
I picked up a blue robe thing with a hood
and thought it looked like a good costume.
Put it on the day of Halloween, came down stairs and
Matt could.not.stop.laughing!
Yeah, not going to wear that out in public! :)
But the rest of the family look super cute!
We treated downtown and then went to the best harvest party ever!
Reese loved the games, Maleah loved the toddler playroom.
And we decided to donate all our candy to a local dentist
who sends it to the troops over seas.
A win - win for all of us.
Maleah really seems to enjoy the "party" atmosphere....
looking forward to celebrating her 1 year in less than a week!