Wednesday, January 18, 2012


 Matt and I spent some time last weekend cleaning out part of the garage together.
(We still have the other half to go....)
So the girls spent sometime playing together in their truck!

Sure is nice that they can entertain each other now...for a little while at least!
And it is nice to be able to do things as a family together.... 
especially when it is cleaning and organizing! ;)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

American Girl Trip

 Reese earned a food date 
(enough stickers on the chart for trying new foods)
so we went to the American Girl Store to have lunch!

 It is quite the place!

 Reese got a bitty baby for Christmas and she is in love.
Today Bitty Baby was visiting all her "roommates". :)


 I was all excited to find the runner!
And Reese said it looked just like Aunt Kami. :)
(Just keep running, just keep running....maybe she will think of me as a runner someday! :) 

 This is Bitty Baby's "sister" we got to meet today!

 Everything is organized and set up so nicely, we dared not touch....
until the sales person said, "Oh no, please play with them!"
Music to Reese's ears!

 We had to try out each one.

 And pose by the American Girl (doll) of the year.
(I.e. the one you need to buy for your daughter this year, cause last years is no good anymore. ;)

 After playing for almost an hour, we then meet our "reservation" for three.

 They have cute little chairs that you can hook to the table.
And they bring out a plate and cup for your baby.

 Bitty baby was VERY thirsty! ;)

 Curly fries came with our meal...."Hey they match my hair!"

 Reese wanted to take some pictures of her own.

 See? I really was there too! :)

 Such a goofy girl....

 Reese then wanted to take her own pictures around the store...

 And then it was back to playing some more.
(Pretty sure no one else was able to use this isle for a good 20 minutes....)

Then we went and got ice cream for dessert.....
cotton candy with gummy bears!

Such a fun day with Reese! 

Taking the babies for a walk

 Maleah can push the doll stroller now!
And she loves it! 
(See I told you she likes to smile for the camera now....)

 So we took the babies for a walk around the neighborhood.
Maleah REALLY wants to do whatever Reese is doing....
and loves it when they can do things together!

 And Reese says "Maleah is more fun, now that she is one!
Hey that rhymes!" :)

 I just think she looks so cute pushing her stroller.

 And big sister looks cute too. ;)

So Maleah got her hands dirty, looked at me....
and then went to her sister for help instead!
So cute to watch these two become best friends!

Friday, January 6, 2012

New Years Recap

 My favorite activity from the bags was making these new years faces.
And we each made a goal for the years.
Reese drew Maleah's face and her own.
And they had striking resemblances!

 (Reese wanted to document the moment with her camera too. ;) )
Reese enjoyed reading in her tent a book from each season.
We tried to do activities to help Reese understand what a year was.
Time is a tough concept!

 Since it was not raining, we scrapped the counting bag and went to the beach!

 Drift wood logs, placed well by the ocean, make a great play pin! :)

 Maleah sure loves to smile for the camera now!

 Okay they make a great play pin until older sister escapes....

And little sister wonders if she can do that too.....

"See? Just like this Maleah!"
Happy New Year!! :)