Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Learning how to be brave

Well, we thought it was "just another cold". Yet something was not right. Reese was working hard to breathe. Maybe she has been walking around alot more today and the cold tired her out more. But when I tried putting her down for her nap, her breathing never slowed. So we went to the doctor. Turns out Reese has broncolitis and an ear infection. Now she gets to have a breathing treatment every 4 hours.

I have been so impressed with her attitude! She still smiles, laughs and dances. She plays at a slower pace and takes more breaks, but she is playing! Reese just fussed a little when she was strapped with arms up over her head for her chest x-ray today. I am learning how to be brave from my little girl who doesn't know how to do anything but be brave!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Lean on me......

I enjoy mothering Reese and seeing the delight in her eyes as I meet her needs. At the same time I try to remember one of my favorite quotes about mothering.... "A mother is not a person to lean on but a person to make leaning unnecessary." (Dorothy Canfield Fisher)

Cute little spiders

Reese loves to be outside now since she can move on her own so much more. And she loves to touch and experience everything! That includes spiders. Reese giggles with delight when she spots one and will watch it crawl around and spin its web. I really dislike spiders!! It has been good "therapy" for me to sit with Reese and watch the spiders as she enjoys them. Of course she wants to touch them too, and so we are trying to teach "just watch" and "okay now say bye bye spider". As far as I know we don't have poisonous spiders in Western WA but regardless we are going to try and keep the love to just looking. (Ahhhh if only this would work for "boys" in the years to come!)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Chum Festival

This afternoon, once Reese woke up (She slept in until 10:45!!) we headed down to the Harbor for the Chum Festival. They had the Harbor watch fish tubs out and Reese was willing to pet a Sea Sun and a Sea Cucumber! The big salmon was there that you can crawl through. It is beautiful inside! Chum burgers were being cooked up on the grill and Matt enjoyed his, but I am not a fish fan. We got to walk through the beginnings of the new History Museum and see the plans for Donkey Creek. We wanted to watch the start of the kayak races but alas, nap time was calling. It was a fun morning and we are looking forward to the changes downtown!

Checking out the big salmon!

So beautiful inside!

He is really big! I wonder were they store him?

Wondering if she can do the obstacle course....

Looking for fish in Donkey Creek.

Hoorah for Harvest Party!

After treating downtown, we when to BF to enjoy the Harvest Party. Reese went as a ballerina since her dog costume got wet downtown. She had so much fun playing in the toddler rooms and even went down the slide for the first time! She loved it! We had fun too, watching Reese play and enjoying chatting with friends! We are thankful for such a fun night!

Playing with gak!

Yea! A water station is a must!


Climbing with Evie

Ready to slide.....

She loved it! And did it again and again and.....

Checking out the goods in the pumpkin before we head home.

Trick or Treating downtown

We took Reese downtown Gig Harbor to trick or treat at the shops. There were a lot of people and Reese loved it! We let her down to walk a ways from time to time. She would often stop and just watch all the people, taking it all in. She would cheer for costumes that she liked and would boggie as she walk. Matt and I had so much fun watching Reese enjoy herself!

Why do I have to sit? Why can't I dive in?

Are you sure I can take some?

So many people, so much fun!

Almost walking without any help.....right now she tends to pull to the right!

Not too sure why we are walking up to this house.