Thursday, June 4, 2009

Swim Baby Swim!

The pool on our trip was amazing and perfect for Reese. You could walk right in, the pool was surround by sand and rock waterfalls. I kept asking Matt if we could build one in our back yard. Reese took her baby with her to the pool each morning and baby Kylee and Reese swam for two hours! Baby Kylee went down the waterfall, jumped off the rocks and swam on her back all with mommy Reese's help. I even got to sit in the lounge chair and watch Reese swim with her baby in the kiddie section of the pool! I can't wait for Matt to start building our pool here!! :)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Family Vacation!

We recently took a wonderful family trip to Kauai and spent time with Grandpa Gary and Grandma Carla. Matt was worried about how Reese would do on the 6+ hour plane fight but she was wonderful! On the way there, we scored a free seat for Reese and the seat next to Matt was empty too. Reese chose not to nap on the plane and stayed up for 13+ hours! But she was so pleasant! Her she is meeting the fishies at the resort at the end of our long journey there. When we put her to bed that first night, Reese went right to sleep, but woke up after an hour crying. We couldn't get her to stop so we took her outside. The stars were amazing! After a little bit we took her back inside but right away she started crying again. After offering Reese everything we could think of Matt suggested that we explain to her that this is her new bed. So we did, put her back in bed, she cried for two minutes and went back to sleep! She had no problems with her bed after that! Yea for a smart Daddy! :)