Thursday, February 2, 2012

Things I LOVE

 Watching how Reese lovingly kiss her sister goodbye when we drop her off at school.
How much Reese LOVES school!
Having that down time while Reese is at school and Maleah naps. :)

My "new" double jogger....a Phil and Ted.
Didn't think I would like a swivel wheel to run with....LOVE it! 
Love that I can make it a single or a double so easily.
Love how easy it is to push as a double....MUCH easier than the double side by side.
(I should know...I have had 3 other side by sides! ;) )

 Even though is it not completely "park season" I love getting the girls outside.
The park, our back yard, Grammie and Gramps's beach, these girls love to be outside.
LOVE that Maleah can walk and explore on her own now!
LOVE that she falls down over and over and just.gets.back.up

 Still love how much fun boxes are for kids....
Maybe we should get rid of some more toys? ;)

 Love that Maleah is forward facing in her car seat now!
She loves seeing out the window AND seeing out the front!
LOVE that Maleah's 'comfort item' for the car is a ball.

 Love eating here each Thursday night!
We even made it the week of the big snow/ice storm!
Nothing could keep us a we REALLY needed to get out of the house!
(Love that it does not snow here very often....not so much a fan of snow.)

 Love watching Maleah entertain Gramps with all her "tricks".

 LOVE that when Reese is not feeling well, she wants Daddy to get his vespers song book from Westmont and sing Jesus songs to her.
Love that listening to her daddy sing calms her and gives her rest.
LOVE to hear her sing along with him.

 Love watching Maleah explore a "new to her" toy.
This tent was a lot of fun for her!

LOVE how much Reese enjoys reading.
She will sit in the reading corner for an hour plus reading books.

LOVE to get something organized!
All my ribbon now fits in one small tub! 

 LOVE to decorate for the holidays.
LOVE that Reese and Maleah get so excited about the new decorations.

 LOVE that I found all the things for this month around our house!

 LOVE that I can decorate with pictures of Matt and I for the LOVE month! :)

 Love how cute these heart cookie cutters look in the windows.

 LOVE watching Maleah eat.a.whole.banana!

 LOVE that Reese likes to listen to her bible be read on CD.
Love that she plays so close so she doesn't miss a word.

 LOVE that my baby is now my toddler!

 LOVE that she enjoys being outside and "helping" mommmy!
Love that she now says "cheese" for the camera.

Love that we can go on a quick walk around the neighborhood after dinner.
Love that it has been warm enough (high 40's low 50s) to wear shorts!

Love how our family is growing up and enjoying each other! :)