Saturday, October 5, 2013

Saturday morning hike

Yesterday we had weather like this:

And this morning it was cold, but bright and sunny! 
So we went for a family hike at the Red Rock Amphitheater 

Took us some walking to find the trail head. 
But once we did it was a beautiful hike! Reese insisted on being our trail guide. :)

Daddy hiked the whole way with Maleah on his back!
All three miles! Go Daddy! 

We only stopped a couple times for photo ops.

No snow on our trails, but still some in the foothills, makes for a pretty vista.

We all enjoyed hearing our echos hiking up the canyon.

We ended climbing up the amphitheatre stairs.....which is a site itself!
So many workout groups and people running up and down the stairs!

It was a fun family morning! So many places to explore outside here! :)