Thursday, February 20, 2014

Girls Spa Day

Matt recently traveled to AZ for his company "family reunion" and so the girls and I were on our own for 5 days! So much easier now that they are 3 and 6, but we still very much miss having daddy around. The first day was rough...I was up at 3 am due to the about 9 on my first day flying sole I was ready for a nap! Luckily the girls were totally happy playing together at home that day.

I knew that would most likely not be the case two days in a row, so I declared Sunday to be our girls spa day. (And just naming it that made them happy/excited!) We started the day by teaching Sunday school together. Then we went to Target and they got to pick out a treat from the dollar section that was now 70% off so became the 30 cent section! :)

We had lunch, headed home to paint nails and have foot baths.

Next it was nap time and then we headed out for a scooter run/walk, because spa days include exercise too! And it was a perfect afternoon!

We made our own pizzas for dinner thanks to yummy ingredients from our new Trader Joes!

We ended our day with a girl movie together. It was a fun day! I look forward to doing these together each year as the girls get older!  And I loved how just calling it a spa day made it special. Think they will go for clean the house day? ;)