Thursday, June 20, 2013

Following God's call

Things have been changing in our family. We are moving soon, and wanted to share our story of how this came to be.......

Following God's calling is an amazing journey to be on. And, most of the time, totally unpredictable.

Back in November, we begrudgingly took a trip to Littleton, CO, for an intensive 2 week marriage counseling session. Matt didn't think this was the right thing for us to do. It was too long, too expensive, too personal, and the "wrong type" of counseling. I didn't want to go as it didn't seem fair or right for me to have to leave my kids for a full week to focus on Matt's issues.

The first week was a productive week for Matt, as he began to see himself in a new light and began to give up some of his self sufficiency for reliance on God. As I joined Matt for the 2nd week, it was clear Satan didn't want us there. Our first phone call home started with Reese excitedly talking about lots of blood and a slide and a trip to the ER. Turns out Matt's mom had cut her head on a slide at the park and earned herself some stitches.  I was done, ready to go home..... But I stayed.

The rest of the week was amazing. God broke through so many strongholds in our lives individually and as a couple, and so many truths were grasped and so many lies were released. It was a healing week beyond anything we could have experienced.

Shortly after returning home, I mentioned how much I loved Colorado...... could even imagine living there someday. Matt had been feeling the same. All of December we batted the idea back and forth and finally decided we needed to go back to Colorado to see it in a new way, maybe as our new home......(part 2 to come.....)

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Sue said...

I'm glad to know that even 16 staples in the top of my head couldn't thwart God's plan! It's a blessing to see you and Matt follow Him.