Saturday, June 22, 2013

Part three

Now we had one housing situation solved, but what about our home in Gig Harbor? We continued to pray that God would send us some folks to rent our house who would be as excited about our home as we were about our new Colorado home. We also prayed that they would have kids around the same ages as our neighbors (8,6,4,2). We placed the ad on Craigslist Sunday afternoon, and had several inquiries by Monday morning. After some prayer and a Skype session with our top choice, we had rented our house to a great young family, with a 9 year old girl, 5 year old girl and two year old boy. God answered quickly and specifically.

As the move drew closer, it was time to find someone to do the minor repairs, touch up work, and cleaning for our house. This shouldn't be a problem as through Matt's business he knew several folks for each position. But call after call ended badly. One contractor, after telling us he was in a slow time of business, delayed and delayed getting us his bid, then later told us he was too busy. Another was far too expensive. A third never called back. Then I read a post on Facebook that a young man from church was trying to find work to pay his way to Bible college in the fall. He'd clean (which we needed), he'd tend yards (which we needed), anything. We already knew his work first hand as he had done a wonderful job dog sitting for us before. We also knew his dad was a contractor previously, so we had them come over. They agreed to do all of the work, but wouldn't give us a bid, rather asking us to pray and simply give whatever we felt God wanted us to give. Immediately, the exact same number came to both our minds.  Now it again made sense why things had not worked out until this point.

So we are (mostly) packed. (Anyone know how to have all your clothes and sheets clean at the same time while still using them?) We have said some good-byes and have more good-byes to say. Saying our goodbye's has been hard, but has offered us a great opportunity to reflect upon what God has given us here. We know what we've got here. We're comfortable here. But God's greatest desire isn't our comfort. I feel there has been a pattern in my life of God taking people (who I LOVE to depend on, often too much) out of my life and showing me how He desires to be first and shows me that is what I really desire as well. With this move I am stepping out and saying, I will leave all these people I love behind and trust that you will continue to care for them and for me in new ways that will draw us all closer to you.

When I spend time with God, walking with Him this way is such a sweet place to be...... unsure of what is ahead, but excited and relaxed trusting His character and care that He has shown us so many times. When I panic, and think of all we are giving up to move this seems like a crazy/dumb thing to be doing.  I know what is true and I still fight with my own fear and worry.

God gently reminded us how important it was for Abraham to build alters along the way to remember and give thanks for what God was doing.  Hence the start to blogging again! So it's not over yet, and I hope to reflect on the process all along the way.  Thank you for taking the time to read what God is doing in our lives and for your encouragement!   I would be grateful to have that encouragement continue! :)

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Beth Moss said...

Kimber I love your reference to Abraham and the need to build those alters of remembrance and thanksgiving! On days that are especially hard for me of late I will feel the need to end the day in prayer, not asking Him for anything but just thanking Him, for what He is doing, seen and unseen and it never fails to bring me peace.

May you continue to choose Him over any other creature comfort