Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Two months already!

We have been in CO since July really almost three months!  It still feels new and strange to be here and yet we are finding times that we are really enjoying ourselves as well.

See this great picture?  That is my new target to shop at.....the one closest to our home. It happens to be a super Target which makes for great one stop shopping.
But the reason for this picture is the big tall office building in the back of the parking lot. That is the home of Restoring the Soul ministries, where Matt and I came last November and where God started this whole adventure.

When we first looked at CO as a place to live we were looking all over the state. God used people to guide us to the area we are in now and He already knew "my target" would be in this parking lot. He put up an alter for us so we would continue to remember the work He started and wants to continue. I am amazed at His attention to detail. God knows just what we need. So many times already I have been feeling discourage/why are we here, and I will drive into that parking lot, be reminded and renew.

So many updates and things to about all the things we are loving about CO:

Family hikes! We have wonderful trails 5 minutes from our house now!

Reese LOVES her Kindergarten class, I like that it is part time so I still get her with me often! :)

The storms! Okay not that hail storm, but the afternoon thunder storms were fun!

Swimming! Outside! Walking from our house to the pool!

Fun new parks!

Swimming! Outside! :)

Kids eat free pizza nights! (Our whole family eats for only $10!)

The BIG sky and sunsets!

Enjoying swimming outside!! ;)

Rockies games for only $3 a person! :)

Cool creeks after runs!

Horse back riding!

Trail runs!

New festivals, well new to us anyways!

Big sky morning sunrises on runs from our house!

New frozen yogurt shop close to our house! 

Being able to walk Reese to school! (We shall see how we do in the snow....)

Still love starbucks dates!

Walking to the bakery to get a birthday cake!

What a CO cloudy day turns out to be!

So many fun parks just a short walk from our house!

The friendly school signs! :)

I have been doing a Beth Moore study on Deuteronomy at the church we are attending and have been finding it speak to our situation. Especially Deut 6:23 "And He brought us out from there, that He might bring us in and give us the land He swore to give to our fathers."  Looking forward to the process of being "brought in". :)

And just so you know,! So come and visit us! Matt is having a friend visit this weekend and I am jealous!! :)

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